12 long years back at the age of 14, I got the chance to try my hands on a trial version of Photoshop for the first time ever, fiddling around with an image using the scores of complicated tools in the side toolbar that I was seeing for the first time – a 3 hour effort that ended with a simple wallpaper that I set up as a wallpaper for the next one odd year. Determined to use it as fluently as I used MS Paint, little did I know that this decision to master Adobe’s photo editing, image creation and graphic design software would lead to a decade-long journey which would have me work 18-20 hours a day in college, skip a Job Offer from one of India’s biggest Multi-National Companies and start a Design Studio having learnt every possible Graphic Design Software without any professional course. PixaFuse is the result of this very hardwork, perseverance, dedication and skipping those weekend get-togethers to create something even more visually beautiful than the one I made the previous day. This is PixaFuse and I welcome you to my LIFE.

The Fossil Watch

4 years into fiddling with every single Photoshop tool and feature available onboard, I decided it was time to take up a course in Photoshop – something that demanded a fee of INR 16,000 ($250) back in 2010. Having no pocket-money to myself and just the earnings from my college time freelancing, saving up INR 9,000 was a herculean task, only to spend it all on something I had never thought of before even in my wildest dreams – a Fossil Watch. But little did I know that this chronograph watch would set into motion a sequence of decisions which would change my career. FOREVER.

With a brand new watch and an empty pocket, I finally decided to self-learn Photoshop – a journey even the craziest of designers would not dare embark on. 6 years later, I now have an approach to design that no book would have ever taught me, making me work beyond the bookish boundaries that I now see many brands being bound by. Not only am I free to think out of the box but also have an approach to design which would have else been restricted by books and YouTube Tutorials. Yes, self-taught at Photoshop and CorelDRAW – thanks to a Fossil Watch.

A Failed Startup. A Successful Career

It was the summer of 2010 when a couple of friends and me thought of a startup that would revolutionize the way people eat food at restaurants. MenuMela would help bring the Menus of hundreds of restaurants onto a single Website where Restaurants would not only list their menus, but also promotional offers and discount coupons. Yes, we had thought of it without even knowing that something like Zomato would come into being soon. With restaurant owners reluctant to share their prices on an online platform, the only way to lure them in was with a free Menu Design – something that didn’t work out that well either. Then came a full-fledged design firm by the name Trendbuds – something that skyrocketed our reach in terms of design clients, making us work with Restaurants, Lounges, Night Clubs, Malls, Print Publications, Startups, etc overnight. Realizing what our forte was, we soon started earning from the places our friends would spend every day at, juggling College life and a Design Startup being just 19-year-olds. But as all good things must come to an end, 2 years later when both my friends decided to pursue their 9 to 5 jobs, it marked the end of Trendbuds. Then, came about my full-fledged approach to design solutions through my dedicated full-time services which is now proudly called – PixaFuse Design Studio.

A Decade of Dedication

Great design surely doesn’t come from knowing how to execute a ‘single’ professional software to a 100%, but to be able to use a number of them to make the end product look not only flawless but impossible to have been achieved. These are what I specialize in and when used parallelly, they create masterpieces.

CorelDRAW 92
Photoshop 94
Ilustrator 86
Powerpoint 98

“I would like to dedicate all my life’s work to my family, especially my mother,
who has always pushed me to work harder towards my goal and pursue my passion,
even if it came at the cost of a secure 9-5 software job. Thank You Maa.”