Associate Professor, Graphic Design, Iowa State University

Most undergraduate courses in graphic design will introduce design problems from the design as a service perspective. That is, the client will have a communication problem (typically visual), and they will approach a designer to help them solve this problem. This course will not do that. Instead, we’ll be working from the perspective of the designer as author. In this case ‘author’ does not necessarily mean writing, instead, it means ‘creator,’ in that you will be asked to find a problem and then develop a comprehensive approach to solve that problem, going beyond just the pure visual aspects. You will design everything: the visual, the processes, the names, the concept, everything will be based upon the issue you are addressing through your design. You must apply typographic and color knowledge, formal understanding, design processes, design thinking, everything must be focused to achieve the best possible design solution. This may take the form of a website, videos, apps, branding, etc, whatever is the most germane to the design experience.